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Am I famous now?

I woke up to some amusing news this morning: some code that I have written was featured on Upvoted, reddit’s official podcast!

To make a long story short: last year, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency sponsored an underdog(e) NASCAR driver. That let to quite a few people, myself included, developing an interest in the sport, and becoming fans of car #98.

I made a Chrome extension for the Dogecoin community so that people would remember to vote for Josh Wise, the driver of the 98 car, in the Sprint Fan Vote every day. It seems like it may have worked, because he actually won! The code isn’t really much — 100 lines of code, tops, hastily written and shipped. It’s more of an ugly prototype, really, but I like to think that it still had an impact on the outcome of the vote.

Am I more excited than I ought to be about this? Sure thing. But I’m super interested in the whole field of startups, and I admire Alexis Ohanian, so I’m almost feeling all giddy :)

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