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Setting up GitHub Pages with Jekyll

I’ve just set up my Jekyll blog using Github Pages! First thoughts? “Huh, well that was easy.” Full instructions are here, but in a nutshell, here’s how it goes:

1. Fork a preset Jekyll repo

And once you have your own repo, go to the Settings and rename it to yourGithubUsername.github.io.

2. Edit a few settings

You just need to tell Jekyll what your name is, what your blog will be called, give it links to whatever social media that you want to link to… To do that, go through the _config.yml file, and fill it out like a form.

3. Write a post

Go to your _posts folder and edit the Hello-World file. Don’t touch the text between the 3 dashes (it has to be there), but the rest of that Markdown file is your canvas.

Remember to change the date if you want that to be reflected on your blog. To do so, change the name of the Markdown file to fit the following format:


4. Enjoy!

Your Github Page is now available over at yourGithubUsername.github.io!!

Next step for me: setting up my own theme. Let’s go!

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